How to find cool gadgets to purchase in Tokyo

When you think of Japan, many things come to mind, and virtually all of them are true. Leaders in trendy fashion sense, some of the most intelligent people, very driven by their history, and they have the most awesome tech and gadgets anyone has ever seen. There are stores just dedicated to these cool gadgets, and we are talking unique in every sense of the word.


Located in Shinjuku, this has to be the craziest building you will ever get a chance to walk into. Just from the outside, it is creative in every single fashion. They have an escalator system that at first glance you would think, “Well where the rest of it is”? To move from floor to floor, the escalators are in cased in large tubes, almost making every their own peep gallery. To say this place in gigantic is an understatement. To the surprise of some, they have other stores and they are all just a large at this one. They have all manner of gadgets, for everyone, which are broken down into sections. From local animae, to character dress, and manga, everything for everything broken down into small sections of the most creative pieces. Let’s not forget, they have heated seats in the bathroom, with about a million buttons. Press the wrong one, and who knows what will happen to you.


There have been stories going around that, you were looking from something old, something classic, as hard to find, as hard to find is. This is the place you need to go to, a must stop in if you are ever in Tokyo. Yodobashi Akiba, is a behemoth of a store, everything from a basic pair of headphones, to pieces of home decor with built in wi-fi, (they have a sofa with built in wi-fi, who does that), they do, that’s who. In a land where your uniqueness and creativity are celebrated the ability to think beyond the box and create is loved.

Trend Shop

If running from store to store is not your thing but love these crazy cools gadgets, let’s move to the land of the internet. Japan Trend Shop has some of the craziest products anybody will ever find. And ideally when you look over their webpage, you would likely think, “Well why I didn’t think of that”. One example, that is ingenious, they have a voice training karaoke mic. For anyone who loves to sing karaoke and it’s very popular in Japan. You can now go buy this product, go home and sing until your heart’s desire without annoying everyone in the house.

what to find in tokyo


Seeing Tokyo is now about going and eating tons of food, and trying to do some karate moves. It’s about embracing the unabashed creativity of people who think well beyond the normal. Whether it be from cosplay to making sure your toilet seat is heated in the morning. If you are one of the lucky people to visit Tokyo, take the time and browse some of these places and have a laugh.

Shopping attractions in Los Angeles

Who does not enjoy getting out and shopping? Going from store to store, browsing through the racks of clothes. Looking for that one gem that you are going to buy, or maybe a few gems that will finish up an outfit that you have planned to wear. To be honest, even thinking about it gives me goosebumps. Let’s change the scenery a little bit, we are going to bring it Back, Back to Cali, Cali.

shopping los angeles

L.A. Scene

When thinking of Los Angeles, the first few things that may pop into your mind, will be; The Glits and Glam, Celebrities, that warm California Sun, or the mere fact, shopping there for some is a religious experience. Thinking of Los Angeles one place comes to mind, Rodeo Drive. A street known for the of penchant for couture and designer names. Not just the regular outfits you will see in your local mall. One off designer wears, custom outfits that you will only see for that season.

Things To Try And Buy In Dubai

Things to Try and Buy in Dubai

How many people can actually say, they have been to Dubai? Then think how many have gone to Dubai and said they had a Great Time!? Almost every single person that has gone to this lavish and sprawling country has come back with stories for the ages. Keep one thing in mind that it is located in the Middle East, and is surrounded by desert. They have a ski slope. Yes! They have a ski slope, called Ski Dubai.

See Dubai from high above

The world’s tallest building and that is by no means a stretch of the imagination. The Burj Khalifa stands 160 stories tall, that is over 2700ft of the only free standing building in the world. It is probably the most amazing sight on the planet, especially when you think you can actually go all the way to top. Visitors can go up to the 128th floor, and see the city from high above a get a general vastness of the country. It’s much better than shopping on the ground floor of anywhere like I do where I live. There is always a pest exterminator working near the stores where I commonly frequent. Or for a little extra, travel to the tip top, and gaze out from the 160th floor. Please make sure you book your tickets in advance, and if you can make it for around sunset. The views from high above atop of the Burj Khalifa during sunset across the desert, Magical.

Get To Know Bay Area Fashion

fashionNot too long ago, if you were into fashion icons, you looked to Southern California in the Los Angeles area, and to the East Coast in New York for the latest trends. With the help of the internet grasping a much larger audience and people looking for hip new trends more actively to stick out, it’s not just those two cities where fashion begins anymore. The Bay area, particularly in San Francisco is really setting itself on the map for fashion.

San Francisco has always been a progressive area in terms of being the first to many different ideas. They have started many music trends, innovative technology, and now fashion. There are so many stores to visit if you take a liking to the fashion of the San Francisco area.

Some popular stories for fashion in San Francisco include Couture Designer European Clothing, Ceiba SF, Kisha Studio, and Cary Lane. 

New York and its attractions

New York, a city of United States. New York is most populated and popular city of United States. It is a hub of fashion, art, economy, research, technology, education, finance, entertainment etc.

Time Square:

Time square is first destination of tourists, commercial intersection and entertainment center. Cross road of world, Center of universe, and the heart of the great white way are other name of Time square. It is most visited area almost 131 million visitors visit this place every year excluding the local visitors. If you go to time square you can see so many trademarks there like Coca-Cola, Disney store, Forever 21, M&M’s world, Planet Hollywood etc. Many movies featured this Time square area. It is an amazing place to visit.

Statue of Liberty:

Statue of liberty is a female figure. Holding a torch in her right hand and tabula ansata in her left arm is symbol of freedom and declaration of independence of US (4 July 1776). The outer layer of statue of liberty is made up of light material which ultimately lower its construction cost. Construction of statue of liberty faced many difficulties of fund raising like Washington Monument. The committees of United States struggled a lot to get this project done. This beautiful lady is always a welcoming icon for visitors.

Metropolitan museum of art:

This is not only one of the largest art museum of New York but also the largest art museum of the world. It has over two million collections which are further divided into seventeen curatorial departments. This museum is well organized. There are six departments of research and conservation departments. There are curator and scholars. When you visit this museum you can find exclusive collection of America and modern art. When you enter in this museum it takes to a totally new world.  

You should do these when visiting Dominica

There are many reasons why you should visit Dominica when you are looking for a tropical vacation. And, this is why many people prefer to make bookings at this place. However, there are a couple of people that are wondering what they can do and what places they can visit when they are in Dominica. They are afraid that they might be bored during the vacation. The good news is that there are many different things that you can do and places you can visit during your trip to Dominica:

Different waterfalls to visit

One thing that you can do when you are on holiday in Dominica is to visit the different waterfalls that are situated in Dominica. The problem is that if you don’t know about these waterfalls then you won’t be able to enjoy these great sights.

There is just something about watching and enjoying waterfalls that are making a tropical vacation perfect. This is also a great way to get through a colder day were laying on the beach isn’t an option.

Large variety of landmarks to see

If you don’t like doing adventures and be part of the water sports in Dominica, then you can consider taking a day and visit all the landmarks in the area.

When you start to search for these landmarks, you will realize that there are many different landmarks that are interesting and a lot different from any other country. Not everyone likes going from the one landmark to the next, but if you like exploring, this is an activity for you.

Water sports and adventure activities

Just like any other tropical destinations, there are a large variety of water sports and adventure activities that you and your family can enjoy. Some are more challenging than other, but the fun is the same.

This is a great way to bond as a family and to have as much fun as possible. You can attend a new sport every day, and will have an experience that you will not forget.

Just relaxing on the beach

If you are planning a vacation where you just want to relax and have a great time without getting tired, then you should not think that Dominica isn’t for you. Because of their great and beautiful beaches, you can just lay on the beach and enjoy the tropical weather, relaxation and the incredible views. You don’t need to do all the above activities to enjoy Dominica.

You don’t need to worry about what you can do when you are going on holiday in Dominica. There are many things you can see and many activities that you can experience that will make this an unforgettable vacation. There are things to do for everyone and activities to do for the whole family. Everyone can have a great time in Dominica.