How to find cool gadgets to purchase in Tokyo

When you think of Japan, many things come to mind, and virtually all of them are true. Leaders in trendy fashion sense, some of the most intelligent people, very driven by their history, and they have the most awesome tech and gadgets anyone has ever seen. There are stores just dedicated to these cool gadgets, and we are talking unique in every sense of the word.


Located in Shinjuku, this has to be the craziest building you will ever get a chance to walk into. Just from the outside, it is creative in every single fashion. They have an escalator system that at first glance you would think, “Well where the rest of it is”? To move from floor to floor, the escalators are in cased in large tubes, almost making every their own peep gallery. To say this place in gigantic is an understatement. To the surprise of some, they have other stores and they are all just a large at this one. They have all manner of gadgets, for everyone, which are broken down into sections. From local animae, to character dress, and manga, everything for everything broken down into small sections of the most creative pieces. Let’s not forget, they have heated seats in the bathroom, with about a million buttons. Press the wrong one, and who knows what will happen to you.


There have been stories going around that, you were looking from something old, something classic, as hard to find, as hard to find is. This is the place you need to go to, a must stop in if you are ever in Tokyo. Yodobashi Akiba, is a behemoth of a store, everything from a basic pair of headphones, to pieces of home decor with built in wi-fi, (they have a sofa with built in wi-fi, who does that), they do, that’s who. In a land where your uniqueness and creativity are celebrated the ability to think beyond the box and create is loved.

Trend Shop

If running from store to store is not your thing but love these crazy cools gadgets, let’s move to the land of the internet. Japan Trend Shop has some of the craziest products anybody will ever find. And ideally when you look over their webpage, you would likely think, “Well why I didn’t think of that”. One example, that is ingenious, they have a voice training karaoke mic. For anyone who loves to sing karaoke and it’s very popular in Japan. You can now go buy this product, go home and sing until your heart’s desire without annoying everyone in the house.

what to find in tokyo


Seeing Tokyo is now about going and eating tons of food, and trying to do some karate moves. It’s about embracing the unabashed creativity of people who think well beyond the normal. Whether it be from cosplay to making sure your toilet seat is heated in the morning. If you are one of the lucky people to visit Tokyo, take the time and browse some of these places and have a laugh.