Get To Know Bay Area Fashion

fashionNot too long ago, if you were into fashion icons, you looked to Southern California in the Los Angeles area, and to the East Coast in New York for the latest trends. With the help of the internet grasping a much larger audience and people looking for hip new trends more actively to stick out, it’s not just those two cities where fashion begins anymore. The Bay area, particularly in San Francisco is really setting itself on the map for fashion.

San Francisco has always been a progressive area in terms of being the first to many different ideas. They have started many music trends, innovative technology, and now fashion. There are so many stores to visit if you take a liking to the fashion of the San Francisco area.

Some popular stories for fashion in San Francisco include Couture Designer European Clothing, Ceiba SF, Kisha Studio, and Cary Lane. 

Couture Designer European Clothing is the go-to store for men who want to look good. They have various types of suits that are in for male fashion as well as the accessories to go with it. With custom, one of a kind designs and in shop tailoring, you are going to be satisfied when you leave Couture.

man suit

Ceiba SF is a boutique that also has jewelry and art for sale. This is the place to go where you are looking to get a sense of what the current fashions are to leave the city with.

Kisha Studio is for the ladies! For those wild ladies who are on a different level in their clothing choices and are bolder than most, if you want a ton of contemporary choices for clothes and accessories, the ladies while spending a lot of time in here!

fashion sf

Cary Lane is for discounted fashion clothing for both males, females, and anything in between! You can get in and out quickly if you choose as everything is seamless and easy to find.

We wanted to choose a store for males, females, and both for this Bay Area fashion trips. If you find yourself in San Francisco, be sure to visit these 3 stories on your shopping spree.