New York and its attractions

New York, a city of United States. New York is most populated and popular city of United States. It is a hub of fashion, art, economy, research, technology, education, finance, entertainment etc.

Time Square:

Time square is first destination of tourists, commercial intersection and entertainment center. Cross road of world, Center of universe, and the heart of the great white way are other name of Time square. It is most visited area almost 131 million visitors visit this place every year excluding the local visitors. If you go to time square you can see so many trademarks there like Coca-Cola, Disney store, Forever 21, M&M’s world, Planet Hollywood etc. Many movies featured this Time square area. It is an amazing place to visit.

Statue of Liberty:

Statue of liberty is a female figure. Holding a torch in her right hand and tabula ansata in her left arm is symbol of freedom and declaration of independence of US (4 July 1776). The outer layer of statue of liberty is made up of light material which ultimately lower its construction cost. Construction of statue of liberty faced many difficulties of fund raising like Washington Monument. The committees of United States struggled a lot to get this project done. This beautiful lady is always a welcoming icon for visitors.

Metropolitan museum of art:

This is not only one of the largest art museum of New York but also the largest art museum of the world. It has over two million collections which are further divided into seventeen curatorial departments. This museum is well organized. There are six departments of research and conservation departments. There are curator and scholars. When you visit this museum you can find exclusive collection of America and modern art. When you enter in this museum it takes to a totally new world.