Things To Try And Buy In Dubai

Things to Try and Buy in Dubai

How many people can actually say, they have been to Dubai? Then think how many have gone to Dubai and said they had a Great Time!? Almost every single person that has gone to this lavish and sprawling country has come back with stories for the ages. Keep one thing in mind that it is located in the Middle East, and is surrounded by desert. They have a ski slope. Yes! They have a ski slope, called Ski Dubai.

See Dubai from high above

The world’s tallest building and that is by no means a stretch of the imagination. The Burj Khalifa stands 160 stories tall, that is over 2700ft of the only free standing building in the world. It is probably the most amazing sight on the planet, especially when you think you can actually go all the way to top. Visitors can go up to the 128th floor, and see the city from high above a get a general vastness of the country. It’s much better than shopping on the ground floor of anywhere like I do where I live. There is always a pest exterminator working near the stores where I commonly frequent. Or for a little extra, travel to the tip top, and gaze out from the 160th floor. Please make sure you book your tickets in advance, and if you can make it for around sunset. The views from high above atop of the Burj Khalifa during sunset across the desert, Magical.

Shoppers Paradise

If you have the chance to get to the top of the Khalifa, and look down you will most undoubtedly would see the Dubai Mall. Now, if you think of the mall that you have back home and imagine the size of that. This should not even be called “A Mall”, it’s more like an Airport sized shoppers delight. With 1,200 stores that it holds, an underground aquarium that you can go and look into, nothing rivals this shopper’s haven. Take into account, The Beverly Center in L.A., has 100 stores, and think how massive this place has to be. Do remember; get a map before walking in there, as you will most likely get lost.


There are no words to really describe what you are going to find when you’re in Dubai. Yes, prices will be a tad higher than what you are used to, seeing as how they import almost everything. Even knowing that, where can you go and do everything that they offer all year long. Think of it like this, you can go skiing in the morning, shop at Dubai Mall in the afternoon, get over to Jumeirah Beach to get a quick tan, and then later on in the evening go have dinner at the Conservation Center in the middle of the desert. If you can name a place where you can do this all in one day, let us all know.

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Once in a LifeTime

Everyone says there is always that one place where, “you have to go”. Dubai is the only locale that you will “Have to go”. As lavish as an environment and travelers paradise, why would you not want to see the desert gem that is, Dubai?